PTO Fundraising Goals

Woodland Elementary PTO 2018/2019 Annual Giving Campaign Goals

Our 2018/2019 fundraising target is $175,000, or $280 per student. We also have a goal of 100% family participation in fundraising. Every dollar goes toward Woodland students!

We at the PTO desire for Woodland to continue as a premier elementary school in District 196 and the state of Minnesota. Achieving continued educational excellence and obtaining appropriate resources to enhance the development of all students does not happen by accident – the financial support of parents and the community provides a sustainable, supplemental funding source that provides educational benefits which would not otherwise be available.

$280 per student will provide:

  • One additional full-time employee to avoid class sizes of 30+
  • Dreambox, STEM room materials, music, art, physical education equipment, field trips, Destination Imagination, and basic classroom supplies
  • A fully dedicated resource for the Gifted and Talented and Young Scholars program

100% of proceeds raised by the PTO go to supporting Woodland Elementary. Click here to see a detailed breakdown of where funds raised by the PTO are allocated.

Progress Toward Goals

Funds Raised (41%)
% of Participating Families (60%)

$100,000 or $160/student would be an acceptable outcome, but not ideal. Woodland would continue operating one teacher short and implement solutions that mitigate the impact from 30+ students per class.

$250,000 or $400/student is the ideal outcome. Woodland would have the budget for a media specialist/librarian, a position that was eliminated due to budgetary constraints a few years ago.