About the PTO

Our mission is to empower the community to support the tradition of educational excellence and the development of all students at Woodland Elementary.

Woodland PTO Objectives

Create channels for clear communication between parents, administration, teachers, and the broader community to promote transparency.

Energize engagement to build a stronger school and strengthen the sense of community among students, parents, and the school.

Support a sustainable, supplemental funding source that closes the gap between government funding and the actual cost to educate Woodland students.

Our Outcomes

Built a brand new website to better communicate with the Woodland community and enable continuous feedback.

Organize the Fall Family Fun Night, Winter Dance, Spring Carnival, Grandparents Day, the yearbook, and parent classroom volunteers to promote a greater sense of community and engagement.

Raise money to support smaller class sizes, technology, DreamBox, art & music supplies, physical education equipment and many other priorities important to student development.